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Our Services

Infinity Healthcare Center

·         Primary Care and Endocrinology Physician Services

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Family and Marriage Counseling

·         Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling

·         Vivitrol and Suboxone Therapy

·         Direct relationship with Cumberland County Drug Court

·         12 Bed In-Patient Addiction Recovery Facility

·         Full-Service off site reference lab

·         Digital X-ray

·         Allergy Testing and Shots

·         IV and Reclast Therapy

·         In Home Sleep Studies

·         DME and CPAP Supplies

·         Mail Order Pharmacy and Diabetic Supplies

·         Cryotherapy

·         Excisional Removal of Lesions and Biopsies

·         Echocardiography, Venous and Carotid Studies

·         Doppler

·         PAP Tests, Annual Well Women Exams, Christian Based Family Planning

·         Pre-Natal and Acute GYN issues

·         Newborn and Infant Care, Annual and School Physicals

·         All Pediatric and Adult Immunizations

·         Flu and Prevnar 13 Shots

·         12 lead EKG

·         Removal of Minor Lesions, Cyst, Skin Tags, Moles and Warts

·         Removal and Biopsies of Suspicious Dermatological Lesions

·         Laceration Repair

·         Hyfrecation of Lesions and Blemishes

·         Diabetic Teaching and Nutritional/Dietician Services

·         Rodan and Fields Skin Care Products

·         Prolief Hormone Therapy

·         Exercise and Obesity Counseling

·         Low to Moderate Risk Cardiac Stress Testing

·         Botox and Face Peals (facials)

·         Diabetic pedicure and foot exams

·         Mid-level and Paramedicine in home visits